Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We are an electricity distributor. We own, operate, and maintain the electricity network (power poles, powerlines and underground electricity cables) across Eastern Victoria. Your electricity retailer is the company you pay your bills to.

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Your electricity retailer shares your contact details with us. We use this information to contact you when there is an outage or impact to your power supply. Sometimes we need to turn your power off to perform essential maintenance on the network. If this happens, we will give you as much notice as possible. You can choose to receive these notifications by letter, email, or SMS. To update your preference, please call 1300 360 795. For unplanned outages we send an SMS to let you know the power is out, and another SMS when the power has been restored. An example of an unplanned outage is when severe weather damages the network.
Sometimes, essential maintenance and repairs take longer than expected. If the length of an outage changes, we’ll update We may also send an SMS, depending on your communication preferences and how long the delay is. .
For planned outages, you can choose to receive notifications by letter,email, or SMS. A planned outage is when we schedule essential maintenance in advance. To update your contact preferences for planned outages, please call 1300 360 795. For unplanned outages, we send SMS notifications automatically. All you need to do is update your contact information with your electricity retailer - that’s who you pay your bill to.
We contact you about outages or interruptions to your electricity supply. Outages can be planned (we need to turn to power off for maintenance), or unplanned (the network is damaged). To update your communication preferences for planned outages, call us on 1300 360 795. To opt out of SMS notifications for unplanned outages, text ‘STOP’ to 0409 709 091.
Send an email to your mobile phone number and NMI (National Meter Identifier). Your NMI can be found on your electricity bill.
One 'incident' may affect multiple premises, suburbs or towns. If there are several outages in your area, refer to the pin closest to your location. You can also call us on 13 17 99 to confirm.
Each pin represents an incident. Click on a pin to see details about an outage, including an estimated restoration time. One incident may affect a single home, or a larger area that spans across different suburbs. The pin will show on the map near the centre of the affected area. Click on pins near your area to see a list of suburbs affected by each incident. If there is no pin near your premise or suburb on the outage map, you might be experiencing an individual outage. Please call 13 17 99. We don’t display an outage pin for any single homes or businesses. This is to protect your privacy and security.
• When there is a power outage at your home or business and it is not displayed on the outage website, or
• We sent you an SMS saying the power is back on, but you still don't have power. Check your switchboard first, if the screen is blank, call us. To report a fault or emergency, call 13 17 99.

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